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Edits with Bases
Coordinator Xaria Alder by xSweetSlayerx
#6: Suprise, suprise! by xSweetSlayerx
BONUS: Use Bases Properly by xSweetSlayerx
Sarah: Egoist Form by xSweetSlayerx
If you are to ask me for one of these I would much appreciate it if you included a desired base within your request.
I can draw any characters, from human to pokemon to pony to hedgehog! Creepypasta too!
Overworld Sprites
Sprites of Us by xSweetSlayerx
Prize for TheWhiteScatterbug by xSweetSlayerx
Human sprites basically made in the style of Pokemon BW.
Traditional Grey Scale - Single Character Headshot
N. Gin for NGinsWifey by xSweetSlayerx
Furostomi for ScarletDemon4 by xSweetSlayerx
Derpy Colby-Jackson by xSweetSlayerx
Baby Sydney by xSweetSlayerx
I can draw any characters, from human to pokemon to pony to hedgehog! Creepypasta too!
Single Character - White or Simple Background
Rarran Again by xSweetSlayerx
I'm Just Following Orders by xSweetSlayerx
I can draw any characters, from human to pokemon to pony to hedgehog! Creepypasta too!
Multiple Characters - White or Simple Background
Good Morning, Bro! by xSweetSlayerx
Sora and her Pokemon by xSweetSlayerx
The Imps Again by xSweetSlayerx
Buffin' it Out by xSweetSlayerx
I can draw any characters, from human to pokemon to pony to hedgehog! Creepypasta too!
Single Character - Complex Background
Heath Ledger's Joker by xSweetSlayerx
The King of DDR by xSweetSlayerx
I can draw any characters, from human to pokemon to pony to hedgehog! Creepypasta too!
Two Characters - Complex Background
Kingly Broship by xSweetSlayerx What's On Your Mind? by xSweetSlayerx Adult Xack by xSweetSlayerx Jess, Terra, and the Summer and Winter Garden by xSweetSlayerx
I can draw any characters, from human to pokemon to pony to hedgehog! Creepypasta too!

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Anyone remember my well illustrated but badly drawn Pokémon comic from back in 2011? Good times.

For those who don't know; Flash Fire was about a young vulpix named Flash, and his friends, Bella the delicatty, and Seiya the shiftry. Their home in the forest is attacked by an organization called Shadow Thorn, run by a mysterious Didarra and her minions, one of which being a dark roserade named Demither. Flash Fire and his friends fight and eventually leave their home to stop Shadow Thorn by themselves. Flash takes with him a powerful attack that was taught to him by his now-disappeard brother, that was originally taught to him by their deceased father who was killed in a battle against Shadow Thorn years ago.

They never got to leave their home though because I never fucking drew Chapter 4. Actually, I did sketch it out, but it never made it pass the digital rendering stage. "Coming Soon, for real this time," she says… puh!

Flash Fire Title Page by xSweetSlayerxFlash Fire Chapter1 Title Page by xSweetSlayerxFlash Fire: Chapter 2 by xSweetSlayerxFlash Fire: Chapter 3 by xSweetSlayerx

Please take a peek. :meow:

Half of it was a good idea the other half was a bad idea. Actually, no. It was a good idea but it had bad, stupid ideas sprinkled in.

Giving the main character's signature special attack the same name as his species' ability. I had sunk way deep with that mistake. (It's the comic's title and the main character's name. What am I supposed to do?) I tried to correct it with excuses in the comic but it still seemed pretty dumb. Also, I could never draw shiftry right. (To be honest, I couldn't draw anything right.) But now I draw shiftry totally fine, since they're my favorite pokemon. There was some other stuff but it's all nonsense anyways.

But I sat down and read the whole thing yesterday morning, and I thought I did a really good job at conveying a good story. Or at least starting it off. If only my drawing skills were better, back then. I've always been told I'm a very good writer, more so than an artist. XD Of course, in my head, I went way more in depth with the story and characters. There were a whole bunch of characters I never got the chance to reveal, and I will promise you, they were all very good characters.

FF: Bella Poster by xSweetSlayerxScore the Victini by xSweetSlayerxFlash Fire Characters by xSweetSlayerx

Bella and Score were two of the characters. At least I managed to give Score some screen time.

The story would have gotten way better too. Unfortunately, due to school and lack of popularity I quit the comic.
But I haven't given up all hope on it. I do hope that someday I can start it up again, which would mean redrawing the entire beginning. That actually sounds like fun to me. I want to introduce Didarra, Uncle Jiro, Verne, and Euphoria to you guys, sometime, and it will only be in the comic!

My ambition for being a graphic designer has dropped to 0%. So hopefully I'll find the proper education and job to not drain all of my art feels. If you love drawing, don't befome a graphic designer. I'm quitting because when your passion becomes work, it's not a passionate thing anymore. And it sucks. It sucks like hell.

skin by xSweetSlayerx
corner pic by gen8
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